PurchasePro: Broadening its Horizon

BroadVision and PurchasePro form alliance

LAS VEGAS and REDWOOD CITY, CA  December 21, 2000  PurchasePro recently formed a strategic marketing agreement, sales alliance, and worldwide sales channel development initiative with BroadVision, a personalized e-business application provider.

The alliance will combine BroadVision's applications with PurchasePro's B2B marketplace technology. It provides PurchasePro with access to BroadVision's substantial base of midsized and large companies. Simultaneously, PurchasePro will expand BroadVision's presence and propel BroadVision's sales in the middle to mass market where PurchasePro has established alliances with companies such as AOL, Gateway, Office Depot and Sprint. BroadVision and PurchasePro will immediately begin joint sales training and promotion of these solutions to both companies' established customer bases.

Our partnership with BroadVision will bolster our global and domestic operations, said Charles E. Johnson, Jr., chairman and CEO of PurchasePro. With PurchasePro's rapidly expanding domestic marketplace sales and increasing international member base in Europe, Pacific Rim, and Canada, BroadVision will further our drive to become the world's leading e-commerce enabler.

The comprised offerings include BroadVision's applications and related consulting, education and support services and PurchasePro's suite of e-commerce marketplaces. The companies expect to offer customers the following benefits:

1.  Upper market: Purchase Pro and BroadVision will offer large corporations e-commerce solutions that aggregate purchasing processes, reduce procurement costs, and decrease staffing expenditures.

2.  Mid-market: BroadVision's and PurchasePro's solutions will provide marketplace owners with the ability to deploy Fortune 500-like software solutions for their enterprises.

3.  Mass market: Marketplace members can receive BroadVision and PurchasePro's intuitive software applications and e-commerce solutions delivered in a more effective manner.