Pre-Integrated Collaboration

BEA Systems puts together its dream team

SAN JOSE, CA  January 15, 2001  Better to integrate now, than later. That seems to be the motto for BEA Systems, the e-business software company that has pre-integrated its collaborative platform in an effort to exhibit a refreshing degree of foresight.

The BEA WebLogic Collaborate platform was finalized recently after the company partnered with software applications companies Calico, Hologix, Interwoven and Moai. These companies have agreed to integrate their B2B applications with the BEA platform, creating what they feel is a best of breed solution stack for conducting collaborative commerce.

Many companies would like to take a best-of-breed approach to B2B, said Louise Smith, vice president of marketing for the BEA e-commerce integration division. To date, the challenge has been putting it all together. Pre-integrating leading B2B applications with BEA WebLogic Collaborate will help developers and systems integrators to more quickly create complete B2B solutions. Today's announcement continues to accelerate BEA's leadership in delivering true collaborative commerce.

Applications from Calico, Hologix, Interwoven and Moai deliver a range of business functionality, including content management and catalog management, RFP development and online negotiation, product configuration, quote and order management, dynamic pricing and pricing execution  all key aspects of online trading and collaborative commerce. 


But at the heart of the solution stack is BEA WebLogic Colloborate, BEA's new B2B infrastructure platform for linking trading partners, integrating e-business processes, managing B2B transaction lifecycles, and building e-marketplaces. With BEA WebLogic Collaborate, software partners plug their applications into an extensible, standards-based B2B framework.


We believe corporations engaging in collaborative e-commerce will increasingly have a competitive advantage over their rivals, and the BEA WebLogic Collaborate platform is designed to maximize the benefits of B2B collaboration, said Dave Cardinal, CTO at Calico Commerce. Today's announcement strengthens Calico's existing relationship with BEA. Calico builds upon BEA WebLogic Server and BEA WebLogic Collaborate to bring configuration, catalog, pricing, quoting, and order management capabilities to B2B collaborative e-commerce.