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Vet supplies go B2B

VERSAILLES, KENTUCKY  (BUSINESS WIRE)  January 25, 2001  VetBuyersnet.com (www.vetbuyersnet.com), an online resource for more than 1,500 veterinarians throughout the country, recently announced it has purchased an e-marketplace that will aggregate its member veterinary practices' and hospitals' procurement processes while providing marketplace members with the opportunity to buy and sell products throughout the country.

VetBuyersnet.com's marketplace will be powered by PurchasePro, an enabler of B2B e-commerce solutions for companies of all sizes. PurchasePro's e-MarketMaker solution will enable VetBuyersnet.com to link the company's members together into a seamless e-marketplace, aggregating their purchasing functions while providing an e-commerce solution for the buying and selling of veterinary products online.

PurchasePro's e-commerce technology will enable the company's member base to create virtual supply catalogs that allow VetBuyersnet.com's member base to position their products and services to more than 30,000 businesses around the world. VetBuyersnet.com is truly empowering veterinary practitioners to leverage e-commerce technology while they simultaneously benefit from increased purchasing power and reduced procurement costs, said Matt Yost, vice president of strategic development at PurchasePro. Our unique e-commerce solution allows tens of thousands of companies to access, source and purchase an array of supplies and products through virtually any Internet service provider without incurring the cost of a technology department.

We are thrilled to have created an e-marketplace on the PurchasePro global application, said Jim Alderson, vice president and doctor of veterinary medicine for VetBuyersnet.com. By providing our veterinarians with e-commerce technology, we believe we are offering our member base a premier procurement option and additional revenue stream.

Through PurchasePro's marketplace-to-marketplace (M2M) technology, VetBuyersnet.com marketplace members will be connected to an industry-leading number of businesses and more than 240 private label marketplaces in an easy-to-use, browser-based e-commerce solution.

VetBuyersnet.com's marketplace will contain a variety of products, including diagnostic and monitoring equipment; instruments; laboratory supplies; medical, surgical and office supplies; pharmaceuticals; biologicals and practice equipment.