Factory Expansion

Bowstreet releases Web factory 3.0

January 29, 2001 -- Bowstreet (www.bowstreet.com), a provider of software infrastructure for the creation, integration and management of a new class of e-business applications composed of plug-and-play Web services, today announced version 3.0 of the Bowstreet Business Web Factory. The Business Web Factory 3 will enable companies to manage diverse e-business projects, such as partner extranets, employee self-service intranets, enterprise information portals and supply chain integration, converging them under a single, integrated business Web approach.

The newest version of Bowstreet's Business Web Factory comes as enterprises begin to fully recognize and appreciate how plug-and-play Web services  Web-native application components  can affect many of their e-business undertakings. Yesterday's New Economy was about speed to market at any cost. Today's sensibility economy' is about making smart, strategic e-business investments that propel business forward while leveraging existing assets and best-of-class technologies, said Bob Crowley, president and CEO of Bowstreet. From the product's inception in 1999, the Bowstreet Business Web Factory has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of a Web services environment.

The supplier-neutral Business Web Factory consumes any supplier's Web services and uses open standards including XML, SOAP, XAML and DSML to deliver significant, measurable total-cost-of-ownership savings across diverse e-business initiatives. The Business Web Factory's parametric change-automation technology allows companies to rapidly change and expand Web applications in response to new business demands. Further, the Business Web Factory allows programming components to be reused among a variety of IT initiatives, thereby reducing cost and complexity while speeding time-to-market of each subsequent development project. Unlike hard-wired solutions, the installation provides a platform of guaranteed flexibility that transforms a rigid IT infrastructure into an adaptable business web.

With every enhancement, we've anticipated a customer requirement or answered a pressing industry need, explained Rose O'Donnell, Bowstreet's vice president of engineering. The Bowstreet Business Web Factory 3 strikes at the heart of companies' most fundamental business problems by providing a way to integrate and execute sensible e-business initiatives.

Brand new enhancements to the Business Web Factory enable non-technical business people to point and click to harness software components like enterprise Java Beans, Java Server Pages, COM components, Active Server Pages, SOAP-based services, and Microsoft .NET services, then deploy them in business webs. They can select desired Web service components from a warehouse and then extend the resulting business Webs to partners and customers to create instant online B2B relationships on any Web-connected device, including wireless devices. Finally, they can and deploy business Webs onto any wireless device, including cell phones, pagers, PDAs and more.