Baan. iBaan.

iBaan Collaboration's newest offering from Netherlands-based provider

January 31, 2001 -- Enterprise business solutions provider Baan has launched iBaan Collaboration as part of its iBaan family of Internet-enabled value Web-collaboration solutions.

iBaan Collaboration consists of a number of new, Web-based iBaan products and is based on an application framework that enables rapid configuration of open, flexible components to support emerging collaborative commerce business models. According to the company, Collaboration allows customers to break down traditional supply chain barriers, enable dynamic planning and execution collaboration between partners, benefit from reductions in costs and experience an increase in the velocity of information, material and money across the organization.

iBaan is about integrating complex processes, providing employees with the information they need and helping companies collaborate more closely with their customers and partners, commented Henk De Ruiter, senior vice president of Marketing & Alliances for Baan. With iBaan Collaboration we're providing a solution that can synchronize and optimize activities across a dynamic group of buyers, sellers, partners and customers, and we can help optimize and increase the speed at which these business processes can be executed.

In North America, office systems furniture designer and manufacturer Teknion is using iBaan Collaboration to drive a number of major c-commerce initiatives. Teknion is the fastest-growing manufacturer of office furniture in North America. Our rapid growth and success is based on our ability to quickly identify customer requirements and deliver a quality, tailored solution faster than our competitors, added Mike May, chief information officer of Teknion.

Baan claims that Collaboration accelerates the implementation of collaborative commerce solutions by offering a number of application templates that can help organizations increase flexibility and agility, improve the velocity of information and material flows, ensure the real-time monitoring and notification of supply chain performance and provide real-time integration with advanced planning and optimization modules.