Mercator Makes Bonzer Deal

Software company to implement Aussie e-commerce

The folks at Mercator Software must feel as if they're the epitome of a fair dinkum* e-commerce solutions provider. The company recently announced a ripper* deal in which it has been chosen by Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA), one of the largest bottlers within the Coca-Cola system, to implement the Mercator Commerce Broker solution for CCA's Australian business.

Mercator is now an integral part of our initiative to lower costs, increase efficiencies and enable more collaborative business processes across the commerce chain, said Brian Crynes, chief information officer, Coca-Cola Amatil. It has greatly improved our capability to maintain the integration of our systems in an environment of increasing business change. We consider our partnership with Mercator a strategic enabler that will contribute to our goal of increasing shareholder value, added Crynes. Which is another way of saying that the folks at Mercator are not bludgers* when it comes to the e-commerce game.

CAA's e-business strategy links an increasing number of applications systems across multiple platforms. Mercator Commerce Broker supports this configuration by integrating applications and systems, both internally and between companies, without the need to generate code or write interface programs, saving CCA time and resources.

Commerce Broker features configurable and adaptable management parameters, which allow CCA to control the scalability and performance of both Web-based and traditional e-commerce production environments, thus providing secure transport options. In other words, the code gurus aren't ockers.*

Australia is the leading (reckon!*) Asia Pacific site in CCA's pilot program to develop new business processes that automatically use Web-enabled order management linked to legacy AS400 systems. Mercator Commerce Broker enables CCA's data to flow from the Web straight through to the back-end systems without the need for human intervention or manual processes, hopefully ensuring that companies that employ the systems won't come a gutser.*

Fair Dinkum: Genuine, real

Ripper: Fantastic

Bludger: Slacker; some who doesn't contribute

Ocker : Rube, goofball

Reckon! : Absolutely!

Come a gutser : Err seriously