Come Together

P-Card, e-commerce and ERP systems to converge, white paper argues

RICHLAND, WASH. -- February 5, 2001 -- Organizations must integrate their e-commerce, ERP and p-card systems into one cohesive whole to obtain the full degree of benefits that each of these three distinct, but complementary purchasing tools offers, according to a white paper released Monday by p-card solutions provider Credit Card Solutions, Inc. (CCSi) and PR agency Politis Communications.

Unless an organization pays sufficient attention to the "touch-points" between the three systems and ensures the proper integration, they are "doomed to build a system that simply cannot serve the needs of their entire user community efficiently and effectively," the white paper's authors argue.

"Rather than viewing e-procurement, ERP and p-cards as isolated tools, organizations should take a thoughtfully planned, integrated approach," said Roy D. Wiprud, C.P.M., president and CEO of CCSi.

Wiprud cited the January 29 announcement from American Express and software solution provider Oracle that the two were integrating their p-card and e-procurement platforms as validation of the premise of CCSi's white paper, entitled "The Convergence of P-Cards, e-Commerce and ERP Systems."

The AmEx/Oracle announcement "serves as a step forward in helping companies avoid the headaches and costs associated with integrating two of the three complementary systems addressed in the white paper," Wiprud said.

The white paper is available online at