Rio Shines, Shows All It Can

BDT Engineering uses RioLabs to integrate suppliers

February 6, 2001 -- RioLabs, a provider of technology to rapidly integrate e-marketplace supplier transactions, recently announced that BDT Engineering Corp. has integrated various suppliers to the company's private e-marketplace. The integrations were completed in five days using RioLabs' patent-pending product RioTrade. Suppliers, including MSC Industrial Direct and others, are now able to conduct live, two-way e-commerce transactions with BDT, and have the ability to streamline the purchase cycle.

A $750 million company, BDT Engineering is an independent worldwide supplier of components and systems for heat transfer and recooling processes for the power engineering sector, as well as for the chemical and petrochemical industries. The company currently works with suppliers worldwide, conducting numerous e-commerce transactions each day. BDT's private e-marketplace was developed as an effort to help reduce transaction costs and accelerate purchasing cycles. To this end, BDT Engineering is focused on quickly integrating its supplier base using RioTrade.

To continue to be successful and seize market share from our competitors, it is important for us to streamline our overall global supply chain operations. We can accomplish this by quickly integrating our supplier community to our private market to lower transaction costs and improve our procurement cycles, giving us more efficient and cost-effective operations, said Goekhan Balkis, director of marketing and e-business for BDT Engineering Corp. Our Net market offers enormous potential not only for BDT, but also for our suppliers and customers. Our suppliers should see more simplified and efficient processes that can result in their own cost reductions. And our customers will benefit from a streamlined supply chain that will help increase our levels of customer service.

BDT Engineering's private e-marketplace uses Frontstep's eSyte technology to power its trading hub, as well as SyteLine enterprise applications. Because RioTrade is compatible with multiple data sources of any format, including relational databases, XML files and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) packages such as SyteLine, BDT Engineering and its suppliers are able to conduct business using their preferred technology platform and applications, without requiring custom coding or adapters to transact.

As a supplier to BDT, we are excited by the potential that RioTrade's integration capabilities offer. By integrating our system with BDT, the transactions will flow seamlessly, requiring no manual intervention. This will enable both companies to increase productivity while reducing transaction costs, said Nancy Matnick, director, e-commerce business operations at MSC Industrial Direct Co. Inc. We are committed to participating in e-commerce solutions, which will benefit our customers as well as our own internal operations.

In addition to integrating suppliers to BDT's own e-marketplace, RioLabs' technology enables the company to integrate with third-party or consortia-lead e-markets such as those powered by Commerce One or Ariba technologies.


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