Canada's Healthy B2B

Ormed and GHX supply Canada's healthcare community

NEW ORLEANS, LA -- February 6, 2001 -- PRNewswire  Can B2B save lives? Well, it's no superhero, but it definitely has the potential to make Canadian hospitals very happy. Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) and Ormed Information Systems have agreed to develop a strategic alliance to create one of the largest e-commerce supply management services for patient care products in North America.

More than 300 Canadian hospitals will be able to purchase their surgical, medical and non-medical products, and manage inventories by connecting over the Internet through Ormed, a fully integrated Healthcare Information System, to GHX, the healthcare exchange directly integrated with key suppliers. By connecting this many client hospitals to the GHX system, (one quarter of all the hospitals in Canada), Ormed will succeed in automating the largest group of healthcare providers participating in e-procurement in the country.

The alliance is designed to save the Canadian healthcare system millions of dollars through improved efficiencies.  A crucial gain in the healthcare industry because these savings can be re-directed to improvements in patient care such as hiring more nurses, researching new cures and funding new equipment.

"Suppliers and healthcare providers alike are looking for ways to be more efficient and reduce procurement costs.  Through this alliance, we can now offer them a new way of doing business to accomplish these goals," says GHX's President Mike Mahoney.

"This is the perfect marriage," says Chris Sherback, president and CEO of Ormed.  "By working together and connecting our hospital clients through Ormed to GHX, we are creating the industry standard for supply chain management."

The combined e-commerce services provided by Ormed and GHX will be available to all suppliers, distributors and healthcare institutions in both Canada and the United States, and other members of the healthcare community including medical clinics, doctors offices, long-term care facilities and group purchasing organizations.