Fusion Rising

Ascendant, OrderFusion announce alliance

February 7, 2001 -- Ascendant Solutions and OrderFusion, a provider of B2B sell side e-commerce solutions, have jointly announced the formation of a strategic alliance that expands the relationship between the two companies and encompasses hosting, reselling and business development. The two companies have a history together, as OrderFusion provides its Orders Of Magnitude software to Ascendant Solutions for use in its Omnigy platform.

OrderFusion has designated Ascendant Solutions its Preferred Hosting Partner, under a program whereby the two companies will work closely together to provide business to business sell-side solutions and supplier-enablement solutions in an e-procurement environment such as Ariba or Commerce One. As its Preferred Hosting Partner, OrderFusion will refer potential clients to Ascendant Solutions for hosting OrderFusion's Orders of Magnitude software or Ascendant Solutions' Omnigy platform.

As the first authorized reseller of OrderFusion's Order of Magnitude software, Ascendant Solutions can provide Orders of Magnitude software (alone or as part of Omnigy) to clients to run in-house or in a hosted environment.

Further aligning with OrderFusion, one of the most recognized names in B2B e-commerce solutions, allows us to provide a more comprehensive solution and service for our clients, said David E. Bowe, president and CEO of Ascendant Solutions. Expanding our relationship with OrderFusion, known for its proven, scalable technology, expands the footprint of our solution and our business development efforts.

Additionally, as part of the alliance, Ascendant Solutions and OrderFusion will work together on joint marketing efforts, business development and targeted selling efforts.

Our experience in working with Ascendant Solutions proved to us that they have valuable supply chain products and services for our customers, said Tom Hennings, president and CEO of OrderFusion. They offer our customers the added flexibility of a hosted solution with heightened levels of performance and reliability.