SDI That Won't Irritate the U.N.

EC Outlook releases Smart Document Interchange

February 7, 2001 -- EC Outlook, a collaborative commerce platform provider and developer of B2B software applications, today announced the availability of version 4.0 of its Smart Document Interchange (SDI) Server.

SDI Server is EC Outlook's core e-business platform to power the integration of trading partner communities. SDI Server is also the underpinning of specialized supply chain applications.

The company also announced the general availability of three supply chain applications that harness the power of the SDI Server product: electronic order management, vendor-managed inventory and shipment track and trace.

Using EC Outlook's SDI Server and specialized applications, any company can conduct business electronically and initiate automated, collaborative processes with 100 percent of its trading partner community  increasing efficiencies and driving down transaction costs across their value chain. Enhancements in this release include EC Outlook's proprietary translation and data transformation technology and an enhanced business rules processing module.

Currently, EC Outlook offers three applications that are powered by SDI Server:

- Electronic Order Management Enables the automated, electronic exchange of a wide range of commerce-related business documents, including: purchase orders (PO), PO changes, PO acknowledgments, advance ship notices and invoices.

- Vendor-Managed Inventory (VMI) enables automated inventory management, helping suppliers to minimize inefficiencies in their supply chain and enhance the value of their customer relationships by eliminating inventory management chores for their customers.

- Shipment Track and Trace Enables shippers to streamline and automate the shipment status reporting process, while enhancing customer service and increasing visibility of shipments throughout the supply chain.

Companies are realizing that there is tremendous value in driving cost and friction out of various areas of their supply chain, said Mark Kingston, CEO of EC Outlook. By deploying EC Outlook's SDI Server and suite of software applications, companies gain the critical connectivity that enables them to automate the execution of routine decisions like order management, inventory management and shipment tracking and tracing. This increases profitability, drives down operating costs and accelerates bottom-line growth.

Tangible benefits that companies can expect to receive using EC Outlook's SDI Server and supply chain applications include elimination of manual processes to drive higher profitability and lower costs, increased operational efficiencies and stronger relationships with customers. Case studies are available on EC Outlook's Web site at