Capturing IT Services

Microsoft's Windows Embedded Connections site to be powered by ITSquare

San Jose, CA -- February 8, 2001 -- Microsoft Corp. chose ITsquare, which provides a Web-based IT services procurement service, to develop Windows Embedded Connections. Built on ITsquare's Collaborative Development Infrastructure (CDI) platform, Windows Embedded Connections will help connect members of the Windows Embedded Partner Program with customers who are developing Windows Powered embedded devices.

"The ability to quickly bring to market Windows Powered devices is of utmost importance in the embedded industry, and finding the right partner plays a critical role," said Keith White, director of marketing for the Windows Embedded and Appliance Platforms Group at Microsoft. "Windows Embedded Connections, based on ITsquare's proven CDI technology, will enable Windows Embedded partners, customers and developers to connect so they can work together to quickly and easily bring to market smart devices that demand rich applications and Internet services."

Windows Embedded Connections automates customers' access to the resources they need to build better Windows Powered products. Customers can post their project or service requirements on this secure site using RFP (Request for Proposal) templates. ITsquare's intelligent matching algorithm enables customers to select and work with the most appropriate Microsoft Windows Embedded partner. This secure worksite not only accelerates the procurement process, but also improves collaboration between both parties throughout project development.

"The advantages of deploying a private exchange over the Internet to connect IT professional services providers with IT buyers are clear and well documented. On the supply side, it broadens the channel of the IT professional services provider, whereas on the buy side, it saves the customer time, money, and reduces the risk they face when procuring IT services. We are just at the beginning of a strong trend in the deployment of private exchanges," said Ted Kempf, Principal Analyst, GartnerDataquest.

With CDI, Microsoft will have the ability to mine data on how their products are being used. They will be able to glean information on project development time as well as other project specs. "Our solution enables technology companies like Microsoft to more effectively serve their customers through their service partners," said Harvi Sachar, ITsquare's CEO.

According to AMR research, in 1999 U.S. companies spent more than $2 trillion on the procurement of services. Current procurement solution companies can easily manage the product (direct or indirect) procurement cycle. However, business processes and value creation opportunities differ in the procurement of services.

Windows Embedded Connections is built upon ITsquare's CDI MarketMaker, a software solution designed specifically to automate the procurement and delivery of services for companies that build technical products. With CDI MarketMaker, Microsoft will be able to build collaborative communities, effectively manage and expand implementation channels, and gather market intelligence. ITsquare also offers CDI Enterprise, which helps enterprises enhance project management, speed time to completion and build on knowledge from past projects.