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Mercado launches product via HP platform

FREMONT, CA  February 12, 2001  It may not be the staple of B2B, but catalog-searching capabilities can prove an invaluable tool; a tool that Hewlett-Packard (HP) is eager to acquire. Recently, Mercado Software, the e-catalog searching solutions provider, announced that its IntuiFind e-catalog search solutions will be ported to HP's HP-UX, Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms for deployment via their e-commerce applications.

HP was lured to Mercado by IntuiFind's benefits. IntuiFind was built from the ground up, as is capable of searching content-rich, structured data in e-catalogs, supporting multiple search methods. It allows buyers to search complex databases using ordinary language, letting them find exactly what they look for regardless of spelling, terminology or wording. IntuiFind touts its ability to bridge the gap between buyers' terminology and e-catalog content.

IntuiFind integrates with any database and commerce platform to provide a cross-database search regardless of the data structure and without the need for expensive data cleansing or reorganization, said Menachem Cohen, president and CEO of Mercado. IntuiFind's search capabilities give HP the ability to effectively expand and improve its e-commerce solutions.

Mercado Software offers technology that provides highly relevant search results, scalability and reliability  which are important for our customers, said Nigel Ball, vice president and general manager of HP's e-Services Partner Division. We look forward to working with Mercado Software to meet our customers' e-commerce needs.