Cover Your Assets

Peregrine thinks outside the firewall

NEW ORLEANS, LA  February 13, 2001  Peregrine's got a new product on the market, as of today. The infrastructure management software company recently announced its release of AssetCenter, a software system that manages an organization's voice and data infrastructure assets, even those located outside firewalls.

Peregrine's AssetCenter is powered by modules that combine the management of physical cable plants with networks, as well as unifying all voice infrastructure assets with data networks. Of special interest is its ability to encompass the management of third-party assets outside the firewall. This feature, integrated with the other capabilities in the Peregrine Asset Management suite, indicates a convergence of IT, facilities and telephony operations.

As the technology infrastructure management market continues to mature, we will see traditional asset management evolve into a more integrated approach for most of the corporate operational infrastructure, said John Warne, senior program director, Service Management Strategies for META Group. Where we now have IT working independently from other operational groups (e.g. facilities, telco, etc.), we will start to see the effort combine.

In addition to thinking outside the silo',  the AssetCenter boasts its expanded platform which extends to mobile devices and other wireless technologies. Peregrine has expanded its relationship with Aether, allowing the capture of mobile device changes and updates in AssetCenter via the new AssetCenter automated Inventory product. And Peregrine's new partnership with PinPoint Corporation, a mobile resource management company, allows inventory of assets via radio frequency scanning.

The new vision and functionality of AssetCenter and related products allows organizations to manage assets in ways that have simply been impossible in the past, said Steve Gardner, chairman and CEO of Peregrine. Companies will not only be able to reduce costs, but also greatly optimize their use of assets, from telephony and network circuitry to mobile devices that employees now routinely carry. In the future, it will be essential to manage assets in these ways to remain competitive in an extremely challenging global economy.