Gateway to the East

Commerce One and ChinaEB promote B2B in China

BEIJING, CHINA  February 14, 2001  Total e-transactions in Asia Pacific in 2004 is estimated to be US$903 billion.' It's statistics like these that are making B2B companies salivate, while CEOs are rushing out to by Chinese phrase books for their conference calls.

Commerce One is no exception. In an effort to secure a piece of this market, it recently announced that it will be providing e-marketplace solutions to ChinaEB, the Internet arm of the State Research Information Technology (SRIT) Co.  With the help of Commerce One, the marketplace will target the development and adoption of B2B e-commerce and enable Chinese companies to conduct business in e-marketplaces.

ChinaEB plans to provide e-commerce related services  ranging from strategy consultation through to integration, implementation and operational maintenance  to Chinese businesses wanting to adopt e-commerce strategies.

Li Ming, chairman of China EB, said, ChinaEB possesses strong technical development resources as well as integration and implementation capabilities. By combining our own strengths and local expertise with those of a global e-commerce software leader such as Commerce One, we will offer companies that wish to deploy e-commerce strategies with a world-class portfolio of value added services and solutions to empower Chinese companies to conduct business in the global e-markets effectively and efficiently. We fully expect ChinaEB to become a vital e-commerce gateway for Chinese businesses wanting to connect to the rest of the world.

In the alliance with Commerce One, ChinaEB will offer B2B technology and transaction platforms that will offer local language software solutions (including English), local content, local implementation and support and a host of other related services. In addition, the ChinaEB's partnership with Microsoft and HP will give its customers access to leading software and hardware technologies that will help Chinese companies transition into B2B e-commerce companies.

Our strategic alliance with one of China's leading e-commerce companies represents a major milestone in moving more Chinese companies onto the Web, said Lloyd Oki, vice-president and general manager, Commerce One, Asia Pacific. With the backing of SRIT, this agreement with ChinaEB signifies the importance that Chinese government and business leaders place on leading China into the competitive global e-commerce environment, especially at a time when the country is on the verge of setting a new precedent in global trade with their inclusion into the ranks of the WTO.