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Industri-Matematik unveils SCM/CRM portal capabilities

MT. LAUREL, N.J.  February 20, 2001  Industri-Matematik International today announced new software intended to let companies share supply chain and service information with employees, customers and suppliers, with the goal of helping companies leverage the Web to improve supplier collaboration and customer relationships.

The VIVALDI Portal provides a consolidated view of order, inventory, sales and shipping information across multiple business units, locations, currencies and languages. This information can be configured for different user groups (like sales, marketing and logistics) and personalized to individual user requirements. With the portal, information is accessible from Web browsers, Java-enabled applications, and handheld and wireless devices, including pagers and mobile phones.

The software provides access to other components of the VIVALDI suite, which include customer relationship management (CRM), fulfillment, order management, replenishment and warehousing capabilities, as well as access to third-party supply chain systems.

"VIVALDI Portal software enables companies to simplify complex supply chains by opening up their enterprise to customers and suppliers," said John Geraci, chief operating officer at Industri-Matematik. "By sharing information, companies can partner with suppliers to drive down inventory levels and work with customers to improve on-time delivery performance."

According to Ingemar Billstrom, strategic development manager at Telia Systems, the CPE (customer premises equipment) distribution arm within Telia, the leading Nordic communications company: "VIVALDI Internet portal software would help us get closer to our suppliers by allowing two-way communication of time-sensitive logistics information faster and on a broader scale. This provides great potential to improve our suppliers' service level and delivery accuracy to Telia and our customers."

The VIVALDI Portal products include customer service portal software components that provide customer service representatives with real-time access to customer and product information, enabling online tracking and updating of orders, shipments and invoices. It also includes tools to allocate products based on customer priority and product availability and release orders for delivery that have been on hold for credit or fulfillment issues.

The customer portal software components support sell-side e-business by integrating order management with contact center capabilities. For example, this portal would help a company share real-time product availability, pricing and promotion information online with customers. It also provides customer self-service features to enter orders and review and update fulfillment and shipping status.

The supplier portal software components are intended to help companies collaborate more effectively with suppliers to lower inventory levels and streamline replenishment processes. The portal supports buy-side e-business by allowing companies to share purchase orders, order status and demand forecasts over the Web.

The software allows companies to manage security and control information access at the individual-user level to protect confidentiality.

Industri-Matematik VIVALDI software provides CRM, fulfillment, replenishment and supply chain event management capabilities for retail, wholesale/distribution, logistics service provider and manufacturing companies.