Clouds and Stars

Loudcloud now member of BEA Star Partner Program

February 26, 2001 -- Software infrastructure services provider Loudcloud announced it has joined the BEA Star Partner Program of BEA Systems Inc., one of the world's leading e-business infrastructure software companies, as one of a select group of Three Star Charter Members. The Three Star level is the highest program level of the BEA Star Partner Program. Three Star membership is reserved for companies with established partner relationships with BEA and that meet stringent requirements for admission to the program at this level.

Loudcloud includes BEA WebLogic Server as a core component of Loudcloud's Smart Cloud Services. Joint customers include Fannie Mae, and Juniper Bank, among others.

Joint BEA WebLogic Server and Loudcloud customers benefit from shorter deployment times and quality of their Web site performance due to Opsware Version 2, which provides customers flexibility through a range of supported technologies, including BEA WebLogic Personalization Server and BEA WebLogic Commerce Server. Loudcloud's Opsware technology captures and manages the information, decisions and processes required to deploy, manage and grow an Internet infrastructure successfully. This technology automates and streamlines formerly manual tasks.

BEA and Loudcloud complement each other well, said Jonathan Heiliger, chief operations officer, Product Operations, Loudcloud. Together we give customers a more reliable and scaleable software infrastructure solution and help make the Internet a precision-engineered tool for business. Loudcloud is focused on working with best-of-breed companies, and we are excited to continue our partnership with BEA as a Three Star Charter Member.