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webMethods teams with Cisco

February 27, 2001 -- webMethods, a provider of business-to-business integration (B2Bi) solutions, today announced that Cisco Systems has selected webMethods' technology as the business integration platform for enabling the real-time exchange of inventory and product request information with AT&T, Ariba customers and other trading partners. webMethods will provide a technology platform for Cisco to process cXML and RosettaNet transactions.

Integrating our business processes using webMethods' solutions will enable Cisco to effectively and rapidly connect with the business systems of our partners and customers, says Peter Solvik, senior vice president and chief information officer of Cisco. This solution allows us to provide trading partners such as AT&T and customers on the Ariba Commerce Services Network with a more advanced level of service through an automated procurement process.

The successful deployment of webMethods' B2Bi solution and the integration with AT&T marks the completion of the first phase of Cisco's project. As part of the solution, webMethods has implemented RosettaNet standards for processing purchase order submissions and order status. This process allows AT&T to benefit from real-time purchasing and instant product pricing from Cisco. The fully automated, secure and real-time view of transactions enables both Cisco and AT&T to track all steps of the order process and reduce inefficiencies throughout the entire supply chain.

webMethods also provides Cisco with a platform for connecting to the Ariba Commerce Services Network. It allows Cisco to integrate its front-end Web-based system with its customers' Ariba procurement systems, resulting in real-time cXML based business document exchange with its customers.

The webMethods and Cisco implementation is another example of how high-technology leaders are building stronger e-business processes using RosettaNet standards, strengthening their trading partner relationships and benefiting from operational efficiencies including reduced inventory, improved time to market and enhanced productivity, said Jennifer Hamilton, CEO of RosettaNet.