Morning Lante

Consulting company releases three application suites

March 1, 2001 -- Internet consulting company Lante recently launched three suites designed to help companies refine their Internet strategies and initiatives.

The suites help companies identify and implement the best ways to achieve business objectives, such as reducing costs or developing strategic business partnerships via Internet collaboration. Each addresses a specific type of Internet business challenge, including creating successful Internet user experiences and integrating Web site operations with backend computer systems.

The powerplayerSuite helps companies explore and pursue the best ways to exploit currently available collaboration models and tools. The explorerSuite provides strategic assessment and guidance for specific online business issues and opportunities, and the marketmakerSuite is for companies that want to be the center of a collaborative marketplace, whether by creating one of the many new private eMarkets or by optimizing their returns from an existing one.

Lante has incorporated one or more of the new offerings into active engagements with several clients, including Dell Computer Corp., DuPont Dow Elastomers and Project Octane, a consortium of the world's largest commercial real estate services firms.

While many companies have learned a great deal about leveraging the Internet, too often their initiatives have not delivered as much value as expected, said Rudy Puryear, president and CEO of Lante. Our service offerings are designed to help companies fulfill key objectives, from building closer ties to customers and suppliers to growing revenues and reducing costs.

The service offerings build on Lante's expertise in strategy, technology integration and user experience, which are the three critical components for building any successful e-commerce endeavor. The offerings also capitalize on the latest advances in more open and transparent tools and technologies, including wireless.