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QCS awarded 5-year contract with Expanets

DENVER (PRNewswire)  March 1, 2001  In an effort to maintain productivity and quality, Expanets, a provider of integrated communications software to small companies, awarded a $22 million, five-year contract to Qwest Cyber.Solutions LLC (QCS), an enterprise applications service provider.

Expanets was founded in 1998, but because of its rapid growth due to the acquisition of over 25 entrepreneurial communications and data networking companies, it requires a system that will provide integrated customer relationship and financial application functionality.

"In order to maintain optimum productivity and quality levels for our clients & we require swift and efficient systems, " said Ernest DeNigris, executive vice president, Chief Information Officer, Chief Technical Officer, Expanets. "QCS' hosted solution incorporates out key business applications, enabling us to seamlessly connect our sales, service and marketing teams with our financial systems. As a result, we'll have better informed sales and service associates, producing and supporting higher quality customer relationships to drive higher revenue and increased productivity."

QCS Freedom for Hosted Applications " provides software from its portfolio of applications for Expanets' users, such as Oracle's Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications and Siebel System's Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications. Hosted in Qwest's Denver-based CyberCenter, Expanet's software will run on QCS' QCS Sentry " infrastructure and will be backed by QCS' Enhanced Response ProofPositive " service-level agreement.