Show Me "Quality"!

Survey says QAD scores high

March 9, 2001 -- QAD, a provider of applications for global manufacturing enterprises and their private exchanges, today announced the results of its North American 2000 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

The 159 companies taking part in the survey  including Avon, Genzyme, Hormel, John Crane, Lear, Philips and Unilever  rated QAD highest in ease of doing business, ease of installation, overall performance, ability to meet customers' business objectives, quality of documentation, and the value of QAD products for the price paid.

A majority (56 percent) of customers surveyed said they are likely to expand the number of product categories they purchase from QAD, while 58 percent said they have decided to make QAD products their corporate standard for e-business software.

To the question Does QAD offer the products you need today? 81 percent replied affirmatively. Product quality is the reason most customers gave for continuing to buy QAD products. The majority of respondents said QAD product performance remained at the same high level as in previous years, and 27 percent said it was even better. More than three-fourths of respondents consider themselves a good reference for QAD products and services.

In response to previous surveys, QAD expanded its Internet-based service offerings last year. These now include SolutionPublisher, QAD's online database of customer implementation solutions; Web Call Entry and Call Management, which enable customers to initiate and track the status of their service calls online; Webcasts, which make online training and seminars accessible anywhere; as well as downloadable software updates, service packs, and documentation.