Tangled up with Blue

Commerce One, Blue Martini work together to manage content

SAN MATEO, CALIF.  March 13, 2001  The face of content management continues to evolve. In the latest development, Blue Martini Software has partnered with Commerce One to deliver the Blue Martini Adapter for Commerce One. Blue Martini Marketplace Adapters will enable sellers to publish Web-ready content created on Blue Martini Software applications to online marketplaces. The Blue Martini Adapter for Commerce One will also enable sellers to leverage round-trip functionality, the ability to differentiate products by linking customers from Commerce One e-marketplaces back to a Blue Martini Software-powered seller's site.

The Blue Martini Adapter for Commerce One works with Blue Martini Channels, a channel management application that helps companies to manage profitable relationships with partners, and drives sales through partner portals and online marketplaces. The new application is designed to allow companies to collect, organize, manage and deploy disparate product information, augmented with other digital assets such as images, graphics, sound files and video clips. A feature of Blue Martini Channels is the Universal Catalog, which helps companies publish Web-ready catalogs to channel partners. Each catalog can be customized based on factors such as industry, geography, service focus or contract terms.

"As the demand for e-marketplace solutions continues to grow, we expect our alliance with Blue Martini Software will help address supplier demands for access to e-marketplaces," said Rob Tarkoff, senior vice president of worldwide business development at Commerce One. "We believe that supporting suppliers in the e-marketplace ecosystem is critical to driving liquidity through the e-marketplace."

As part of the alliance, Blue Martini Software plans to develop and market the Blue Martini Adapter for Commerce One. The adapter is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2001.