A Trio from eBreviate

New software, services, training for sourcing online

WALNUT CREEK, CALIF.  March 13, 2001 e-Sourcing software and services provider eBreviate today announced the release of three new products designed to help purchasing team members become more skilled and productive by enhancing their knowledge base.

The new products include:

Supply Market Solutions 9 a new offering intended to facilitate and speed the process of gaining knowledge to help develop sourcing strategies for both product and service categories, through the use of category analyses and category specific Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposals (RFP) and auction templates.

Supplier Search 9 a supplier identification tool that eBreviate says will accelerate the corporate e-sourcing process of finding and negotiating with suppliers over the Internet.

eBreviate Academy 9 Web-based and live training for purchasing professionals, with modules for self-directed learning as well as on-site auction building.

"eBreviate's new products deliver results for procurement professionals by helping them sustain and reuse content over time," said Sarah Pfaff, executive vice president of sales, marketing and strategy at eBreviate. "We're providing experts with the productivity tools they tell us they need."

Supply Market Solutions provides category analysis guidelines for companies engaging in sourcing projects, along with best practice, category-specific RFP, RFI and auction templates. This offering is designed to help procurement teams reduce sourcing cycle times by providing research across a broad range of categories.

Supply Market Solutions begins with a commodity-specific report that provides high level insights on market dynamics that includes a definition, followed by a market overview and a layout of industry players, substitutes and potential entrants. It continues with a list of available RFPs and RFIs that have been custom researched and can be activated using eBreviate's RFP technology. The result is a fully written proposal delivered electronically for more than 100 categories. This step then leads to eBreviate's own auction templates.

Product categories range from automotive to chemicals, fabrication to logistics, packaging to services, supplies and technology. eBreviate customers will access Supply Market Solutions via a Web-based subscription service.

Supplier Search provides buyers with a single destination to search multiple and constantly updated proprietary resources, such as Hoover's Online. Designed exclusively for procurement professionals, Supplier Search enables buyers to broaden their search for qualified suppliers in the early stages of the sourcing process. Through the use of search and filter capabilities, criteria such as commodities, product names, supplier names, competitors, years in business and number of employees can be used to include or remove potential suppliers from a list.

Supplier Search is available as part of eBreviate's suite of e-sourcing tools and services.

eBreviate Academy will provide Web-based and live training for purchasing professionals. eBreviate already provides live training in online auctions for companies throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia, with more than 2,000 purchasing professionals trained to date. Beginning on March 30, eBreviate will take its training program online via the company's Web site.

The Academy's live training for auction building and strategy expands upon the program currently underway for customers using eBreviate's newly released 4.0 auction tool.

eBreviate's Web-based training comprises three modules: Auction Building, Bidder Training and an online seminar series to access real-time and archived instructional material. The training modules provide self-paced instruction.