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Genuity launches consulting services for BLACK ROCKET

BURLINGTON, MASS.  March 15, 2001  Genuity Inc. recently announced the availability of their eServices Consulting portfolio for BLACK ROCKET customers. Based on a structured delivery methodology, eServices Consulting complements the efforts of partner system integrators and applications providers, and enables enterprises to experience effective planning and implementation processes for their e-business initiatives.

eServices Consulting is delivered by Genuity's Internet Rocket Engineers. Customers and partners of the service gain access to more than 2,000 Genuity IP and networking experts, and services focused on migration, architecture, performance and security. By using the service, enterprises are able to focus on core business requirements rather than infrastructure services.

"Working with an infrastructure provider like Genuity in the earliest stages of project planning may significantly reduce the risk of running into costly, major technological problems further into the implementation," said Rick Genovese, management consulting services partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. "Integrating Genuity's eServices with our own initial planning processes can help to ensure optimal efficiency in both time-to-market and the technology of the customer's e-business implementation."

"Our decision to go with Genuity's BLACK ROCKET was based on both its solid technology and on the technological expertise that the Genuity team had to offer," said Steve Rabin, chief technology officer, eB2B Commerce Inc. "We, our customers, and their trading partners need a reliable solution that supports their complex collaborative and transactional trading needs, and Genuity provided the complete package; with the technology, experience and service to meet those needs."