Big Ben and B2B

Bid.Com goes across the pond

LONDON, ENGLAND  March 15, 2001  Bid.Com International Inc. has entered into a three-year agreement with DBI Logistics, a U.K.-based online transportation marketplace. Bid.Com's suite of technology is designed to allow DBI Logistics'shippers and transporters to tender and sell transportation services throughout Europe.

"DBI Logistics is the first European neutral marketplace of transportation services for small and medium-sized companies," said Ruth Ward, CEO of DBI Logistics. "By streamlining tendering and negotiation processes, DBI Logistics will assist both shippers and transporters generate efficiencies and improve margins."

"Our recent expansion in Europe is already delivering results, as evidenced by today's announcement," said Jeff Lymburner, president and CEO, Bid.Com International Inc. "We look forward to working with DBI and applying our suite of dynamic pricing technology."