Inventa Way to Do Things Faster

Systems integrator promises results in 100 days

REDWOOD SHORES, CALIF.  March 15, 2001 Is a soft economy causing a spate of ante-raising tactics in the world of B2B solutions delivery? It appears that way. HubStorm is offering $10,000 for referrals that result in increased business for them, and now systems integration firm Inventa chips in with a speedy promise. Or a promise to be speedy, depending on how you look at it. The company says it will deliver its enterprise solution within 100 days.

This speedy delivery has already been done, the company says. At Cadence Design Systems, Inventa deployed an entitlement solution to track customer service agreements in less than 100 days. According to Cadence Customer Support Director Cynthia Schott, "We're already starting to return significant value to the enterprise and improving processes behind the scenes. I've heard nothing but the highest praise for this Inventa-led solution. We're starting now on phase 1.5."

"The Internet has revolutionized the way companies collaborate across the value chain," said Ashok Santhanam, Inventa founder and chairman. "But this has also created enormous and complex entitlement challenges. Companies struggle with appropriate access rights for global, heterogeneous user bases, constant business relationship redefinition, security and administration in complex trading partner networks integrated to legacy systems, and the economic implications of sharing valuable information with potentially unauthorized users. The B2B Entitlement Fast-Track distills our intellectual capital in this area into a high-impact solution with extraordinary time-to-value."

Inventa has delivered entitlement strategies and solutions to Agilent and Siemens, in addition to Cadence. The fast-track solution recently announced includes several Inventa's LEAP (Logical Entitlement Architecture Platform); a preconfigured customizable and extensible entitlement database schema; an XML-based entitlement interface protocol; local and remote delegated administration tools; entitlement-enabled content; and a comprehensive entitlement realization roadmap.