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New Pig Corp. oinks contract with Sonic Software

Bedford, Mass.  March 20, 2001  Industrial maintenance firm New Pig Corp. has selected Sonic Software Corporation's SonicMQ to ensure reliable message transport for its new commerce-enabled Web site to meet its clients' immediate purchasing and personalization needs.

Based in Tipton, Pa., at One Pork Avenue, New Pig provides solutions and technical expertise that solve industrial and hazardous material leak and spill response problems and help maintain a safer workplace. New Pig products are used in more than 180,000 workplaces, ranging from auto service centers to Fortune 500 companies, in 40 countries.

The SonicMQ E-Business Messaging Server provides the infrastructure required for the secure and reliable transport of critical information over the Internet. In working with companies worldwide, New Pig's commerce-enabled Web site must meet the immediate procurement needs of their customers with the highest level of reliability and 24/7 message delivery. SonicMQ enables New Pig's Web site to provide its clients with a complete order history, encompassing all lead and sales channels, ranging from Web to phone. In addition, SonicMQ allows for a customized online shopping experience for individual clients.

"Since 99 percent of our products are in stock and available the day you order them, we needed an e-commerce implementation that guaranteed fast, secure and reliable message transport," said Selesia Byrd, product manager for New Pig. "SonicMQ's E-Business Messaging Server ensures that our Web server will connect to our ERP [enterprise resource planning] systems and databases in real-time to provide our customers with a personalized, dependable shopping experience."

"Enterprise companies expect the Internet to offer the same reliability and security of older computing environments," said Dan Potter, vice president of product marketing for SonicMQ. "By embedding SonicMQ, New Pig is providing their customers with ubiquitous connectivity, seamless integration and guaranteed message delivery, ensuring that their customers receive the most complete end-to-end, real-time shopping experience, from purchase to procurement."

New Pig was able to easily integrate the Java-based SonicMQ technology into their existing ERP systems, according to Byrd. SonicMQ natively supports Internet standards and is based on the Java Message Service (JMS) specification, which provides a common set of interfaces, messaging concepts and programming strategies.