Eutilia Utility

European consortium selects MarketSet

Hanover, Germany  March 23, 2001 Eutilia might sound like one of your lesser-known Greek gods, but it's actually a European e-marketplace serving the utilities industry, and is backed by a consortium of 11 leading companies, including RWE, Scottish Power, ENEL and NUON.  Eutilia has also agreed to deploy the Commerce One and SAPMarkets' joint solution, MarketSet, as its core technology platform.

Approximately 70 percent of procurement spending in the utilities industry is industry-specific, and Eutilia aims to facilitate greater efficiency in the procurement and supply chain management processes for both suppliers and buyers in this industry. Eutilia Interim CEO Alan Thompson said, "Eutilia will be offering a unique solution in supply chain management, and our agreement to adopt the MarketSet solution is a major milestone for the business in preparing for our launch. It was important that we select a solution supporting the proposition of a neutral e-marketplace, and I know that MarketSet will help us achieve this."

"Eutilia and its consortium partners have recognized the dramatic impact e-commerce can have on their industry. We're pleased Commerce One and SAPMarkets are part of their effort to bring a premier European e-marketplace to the utilities industry," said Mark Hoffman, chairman and CEO of Commerce One. "We believe that Eutilia further exemplifies the power and value of the Commerce One and SAPMarkets alliance and our joint efforts to move the world's business commerce onto the Web."