Collaboration for Automation

Canopy International helps PaperExchange achieve automation

Newton, Mass.  March 26, 2001  Canopy International, an e-business services provider specializing in automating enterprise and B2B integration, today announced that it has successfully deployed automated connectivity solutions for PaperExchange, a global e-marketplace and business solutions provider for the pulp and paper industry.

Canopy has helped PaperExchange achieve three business goals:

·        Canopy has defined standard XML-based communication practices companies within the industry that can quickly and easily leverage for B2B automation.

·        Canopy has developed a standards-based infrastructure for inventory capacity management on the exchange and contract sales management in their direct channel solutions.

·        Canopy has helped PaperExchange increase traffic to its site by creating pre-engineered application interfaces that integrate the back-office systems of PaperExchange's members with the e-marketplace.

Canopy created an open and flexible architecture, based on its Canopy Integration Model (CIM), which facilitated the automation of PaperExchange's key business processes, such as procurement. To support PaperExchange's goal of being highly accessible, Canopy helped it develop low-cost integration interfaces that can be utilized even for paper industry participants with very little automation capability within legacy and other applications. For example, MAJIQ's ELIXIR, a fulfillment and production management system used by many of PaperExchange's most active members, was the first interface Canopy built for PaperExchange and was constructed so that supply and demand information can be automatically fed to/from PaperExchange by its users. PaperExchange and MAJIQ now have the resources they need to provide seamless connectivity between their product and service offerings, delivering increased sales cycle efficiencies and profitability, lowered costs, and improved supply chain efficiency for participating suppliers.

John Campbell, CEO of Canopy International, explains, "Canopy understood PaperExchange's need to generate business liquidity within the e-marketplace and worked closely with the company to create an infrastructure that not only connected its customers, but also delivered added value to business transactions."