Waiting to Excel

TeamExcel and IQNavigator join work forces

Denver, CO  March 26, 2001  When most people think of e-procurement, they don't think of procuring people. But workforce management software is a rising star in the B2B space, and recruiting, hiring, managing and contracting employment online is becoming more and more popular.

Two players in the workforce software space, IQNavigator and TeamExcel, recently announced that they are joining forces (workforces, if you will) in a strategic alliance that will allow TeamExcel to utilize IQNavigator's solution as part of their contingency workforce services offering.

IQNavigator provides services that help companies procure and manage full-time and non-employee labor, including its Global Supplier Network (consisting of over 4.5 million candidates). According to the terms of the alliance, Team Excel will now be able to access the Global Supplier Network and access a larger network of candidates. Team Excel will also take advantage of IQNavigator's consolidated and automated billing functionality and automated requisitioning capabilities.

After evaluating various e-workforce management providers, IQNavigator's technology offers us the best solution available in the marketplace, said TeamExcel founder Annette Quintana. IQNavigator's services and applications power us with the tools to more easily and efficiently fill our clients' open positions while better managing the entire procurement, engagement and communications process.

TeamExcel will also work with IQNavigator to collaborate on a Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE) initiative. As a MWBE, TeamExcel will assist IQNavigator with further development of business plans relating to structured diversity programs.

TeamExcel is a model partner as a supplier and managed services provider, said Lisa Glinche, IQNavigator founder and executive vice president of strategic alliances and services. This partnership allows TeamExcel to leverage IQNavigator's extensive solution offering to more effectively capture customers' staffing requirements, communicate with suppliers and customers, and manage contract staff in a collaborative environment.