Online Trust

Kyberpass Launches Exchange TrustPlatform

Ottawa   March 28, 2001  High Road Kyberpass Corp., a provider of e-security software, has announced the introduction of the Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform, which is a comprehensive security management solution for Web-based B2B and B2C applications operating within an enterprise extranet, Web portal or B2B exchange that applies the necessary level of trust to transactions with customers and partners.

The Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform solves problems traditionally associated with creating trusted B2B and B2C activities, such as access control for customers and partners and non-repudiation, which is the foundation of digital signature technology.

According to industry analysts, the B2B market alone will become a $7 trillion industry worldwide by 2004. The predominant approach to providing an exchange mechanism for e-business over the Internet is to develop a Web portal. As the name implies, a Web portal is like an electronic doorway into an organization and provides information and content based on subscription.

As a result, there is an increased need to implement granular, user-level policies and access controls determining who can and cannot access particular resources. Similarly, recent laws making the use of electronic signatures legal, defensible instruments of commerce are supported as the Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform includes support for digital signatures non-repudiation for all business transactions and activities. The Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform uses public key infrastructure (PKI) to create the level of trust required for sensitive business information and transactions.

The Exchange TrustPlatform provides the means to ensure the trust required for handling important and sensitive business information and transactions like health records, electronic funds transfer, procurement and payment, online auctions and online contracting.

Unlike existing solutions for secure access to portals or exchanges, the Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform provides extensive use of digital signatures, granular PKI-based security functions and a single sign-on architecture.

"It all comes down to trust and very few people have the confidence needed to conduct transactions on the Internet," said Robert Lendvai, vice president of marketing for Kyberpass Corp. "The Kyberpass Exchange TrustPlatform enables businesses to rapidly create a highly trusted environment where they can do everything from procurement to payment online without hesitation."