You've Got B2B

AOL and PurchasePro accelerate new B2B and e-commerce effort

Dulles, VA and Las Vegas  March 29, 2001  America Online and PurchasePro, an enabler of B2B e-commerce solutions, recently announced 10 new strategic agreements, including deals with Hewlett-Packard Company, and Spherion Corporation, to accelerate their B2B and e-commerce efforts and jointly develop the Netscape Netbusiness Marketplace.  The Netbusiness Marketplace is a global e-commerce network of communities and marketplaces that allows small, medium and large businesses to buy, sell and interact online.

AOL and PurchasePro also announced a joint sales, marketing and product development operation in support of the marketplace. The joint sales team will include both the PurchasePro sales force and the AOL Interactive Marketing Group.

The Netbusiness Marketplace builds on PurchasePro's network of private-label marketplaces that includes some 140,000 businesses, all of which will be connected to the Netbusiness Marketplace.  Netbusiness will also incorporate a Netbusiness Card, which provides detailed information about each member's products, services, location and industry classification to millions of potential customers online. 

In addition, AOL and PurchasePro announced today that current Netbusiness partner, an online service center providing small businesses with Web tools and services, has signed a separate agreement to provide increased functionality to the Netbusiness Marketplace.