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Logility to aid supply chain efficiency

Atlanta  April 2, 2001  B2B collaborative commerce solutions provider Logility today announced that digital imaging products manufacturer Epson America Inc. has chosen Logility Voyager Solutions to streamline supply chain operations.

Epson America is primarily a distributor of Epson products including printers, scanners and accessories coming from Asia-Pacific. Epson selected Logility Voyager Solutions for its ability to provide a demand and replenishment solution that will improve inventory management.

"Epson chose Logility Voyager Solutions based on the solutions' intuitiveness and ability to implement quickly without extensive consulting services," said Alan Pound, chief financial officer and vice president of operations for Epson America. "Logility offers key components that include deployment capabilities, which helps when we have products coming in from overseas, to determine where the demand is highest and where those products should be deployed."

"Proper inventory management is critical for meeting customer demand, particularly in the highly competitive environment Epson faces every day," said Logility CEO Mike Edenfield. "Logility Voyager Solutions will help Epson optimize inventory levels."

Logility Voyager Solutions is a suite of e-business and supply chain optimization solutions that help suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers more effectively optimize activities along their respective supply chains and collaborate with trading partners to increase revenue, reduce cycle times and improve customer service. Logility's B2B collaborative commerce solutions expand the number of strategic business processes such as planning, forecasting, promotion planning, sourcing, warehousing and transportation that can be executed via the Internet.