New Outlook on Orders

OrderFusion taps EC Outlook for EDI, XML connectivity

San Diego, CA  April 9, 2001  OrderFusion customers will now be able to leverage their legacy systems to generate and manage orders using EDI and to take advantage of XML-based connections with clients thanks to an alliance announced today.

Under the alliance with software provider EC Outlook, companies using OrderFusion's Orders of Magnitude application for managing sales processes will be able to convert EDI purchase orders and accept and return other EDI-oriented documents as they pertain to the EDI order lifecycle. These companies therefore will be able to use their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other legacy systems to generate and manage the order lifecycle.

Additionally, OrderFusion will be able to accept documents based on any of the major XML standards or XML-based document types being developed, including XML, RosettaNet, ebXML, Biz Talk, OASIS and OAG, among others.

"Our relationship with EC Outlook will enable Orders of Magnitude to seamlessly accept and return any EDI transaction or XML document from any channel in which an electronic order may originate," said Tom Hennings, president and CEO of OrderFusion. Hennings added that because EC Outlook uses Internet protocols, OrderFusion's customers should be able to reduce their supply chain costs.

EC Outlook's executive vice president and general manager Dean Fischer said, "Our relationship with OrderFusion is enabling us to take our multi-enterprise software to another segment of the marketplace. Together, we have found a way to fully utilize the capabilities of these two products to benefit the supplier/buyer transaction over the various systems on which Orders of Magnitude exists."