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Ariba CSN adds localization, transaction capabilities

Mountain View, CA  April 10, 2001  Ariba today announced enhancements to its Ariba Commerce Services Network (Ariba CSN) that it says will enable buyers and suppliers more efficiently and cost-effectively to create and maintain relationships, move business transactions online and conduct business with trading partners worldwide. 

The latest version of Ariba CSN includes multiple language and localization capabilities to meet the needs of global markets and remove inefficiencies in international trade. Ariba CSN now supports Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, French Canadian, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.

The network also offers increased transaction capabilities that Ariba says will enable buyers to interact with their preferred suppliers more efficiently, and enable suppliers to lower their sales costs and deepen their relationships with buyers. Suppliers may also send real-time order status updates to buyers.

The new version also automates the invitation process so that buyers can simultaneously invite multiple suppliers to transact business with them on Ariba CSN. Buyers will also have increased access to their preferred suppliers, increasing trading partners' liquidity by simplifying interoperability between an expanding community of buyers, suppliers and marketplaces enabled on Ariba CSN.

Ariba launched its network in March 1999. The company says that buyers using its network are currently trading directly with more than 7,000 suppliers, with access to an additional 30,000. Commerce relationships and transaction volumes have doubled every quarter since the launch of Ariba CSN, the company says. 

To succeed in the new economy, companies across the globe must move their business processes online, building or accessing electronic environments where they can interact with customers and suppliers, said Charly Kleissner, senior vice president for product solutions at Ariba. To support these interactions, businesses need a robust, scalable network infrastructure that provides connectivity, integration, and network services. The versatility offered by Ariba's ... network helps buyers and suppliers to quickly adapt to changing conditions in the B2B world to redefine their business and transform their bottom line.