Presidential e-Procurement

Bush calls for online purchasing initiatives; some are already in place

San Francisco  April 10, 2001  In his 2001 10-year budget plan, President Bush called for expanded online purchasing initiatives for government agencies to save time and money. In his proposal Bush allocated $100 million over three years for interagency e-government initiatives such as e-procurement.

One company, Epylon, has been offering its e-procurement solution to public-sector agencies for over a year now, and has already helped 1,400 registered public-sector agencies realize the benefits of purchasing online.

BB&T capital markets estimates that U.S. Government spending will reach $760 billion in 2001. As this purchasing power moves online, Epylon plans to provide government agencies with an e-procurement solution tailored specifically to their needs. "We already have a working solution in place to help government agencies reap the benefits of online purchasing and meet Bush's mandate," said Stephen George, founder and CEO of Epylon Corporation. "Working closely with government agencies as well as with our partners Accenture, Deloitte Consulting and Ariba has enabled Epylon to develop a solution designed around the public sector's unique operating and workflow environment. Our customers can quickly and easily purchase anything from computer hardware and software to office supplies or prison uniforms online via Epylon."

Bush's 10-year budget plan reports that paperless contracting with e-procurement saves money through reduced transaction costs and greater vendor competition. Aberdeen Group estimates that e-procurement can reduce the cost per order by two-thirds from traditional manual purchasing procedures. With time and money savings realized, Epylon customers are finding they can more efficiently reallocate scarce resources to more valuable purposes. The States of North Carolina and Michigan along with Denver and Minneapolis Public Schools have already begun implementing Epylon's e-procurement solution.