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EC Outlook, Enron exchange technologies

Houston, TX  April 11, 2001  EC Outlook, a software provider that automates the collaborative commerce activities of Global 1000 companies and their trading partners, has signed a licensing agreement with Enron Corp., an electricity, natural gas and communications company, providing both companies with technology to enhance their commodity-related businesses.

Enron is planning to use EC Outlook's Smart Document Interchange (SDI) Server software to streamline the exchange of certain documents with trading partners in commodity markets outside of its traditional energy and communications industries. Such industries include metals, pulp and paper and others. The SDI Server product helps companies and their partners share information without invasive hardware and software installations.

EC Outlook, in turn, will enhance its software offering with proprietary data interchange applications developed by Enron to manage complex logistical activities in natural gas and electricity markets. EC Outlook will integrate industry-specific functionalities and processes from this software into its own applications to deliver enhanced capabilities to customers.

"Enron's data interchange technology is a strategic acquisition for us," said Matt Verghese, president and COO of EC Outlook. "Coupled with our existing applications, we can very effectively support the transaction-intensive needs of energy and other commodity businesses."

"Commodity markets, like natural gas, electricity and others, will significantly benefit from electronically automating commerce activities among trading partners," said Greg Runyan, senior analyst with Yankee Group. "The agreement between EC Outlook and Enron is a perfect example of how market leaders can gain a competitive edge."

EC Outlook also recently unveiled an upgraded suite of software applications for automating supply chain processes between businesses.

The company says it developed Electronic Order Management, Inventory Management and Shipment Track and Trace in response to the needs of companies with multiple trading partners. The applications enable companies to reduce manual procedures that are associated with integrating multiple trading partners, which EC Outlooks says will drive down costs and increase profitability. The applications run on the SDI Server software.

"Widespread trading partner adoption of supply chain initiatives drives significant value to our customers," said Verghese. "By deploying EC Outlook's software applications, companies can expect to capitalize on tangible benefits and achieve a quick return on their investment."