Good Noosh for Printers

Sell-side tool for print industry unveiled

Boston  April 12, 2001  Online print e-marketplace Noosh has announced a pilot roll-out of Noosh Direct, an Internet-based tool for print suppliers to manage various aspects of their client relations, from quoting and order entry to change handling and order tracking.

Members companies of Noosh's Inner Circle program will have the initial access to the new service. Noosh established the Inner Circle program as a means to integrate customer feedback in the design, testing and deployment of its products.

Noosh Direct is designed to improve the quality and productivity of printing sales and customer service by allowing suppliers to automate the flow of information both within their company and with their customers. Customers with a Web browser and Internet access can review proposals and place orders online. Buyers can participate, whether or not they are a Noosh member.

"Basically, we're balancing the e-commerce equation," said Ofer Ben-Shachar, founder, president and CEO of Noosh. "Print buyers who deploy Noosh across their company have the convenience of a single interface to deal with all of their suppliers. Now, print suppliers who deploy Noosh Direct have a single interface for dealing with all of their customers."

"Noosh Direct was designed to help printers improve customer service and increase sales productivity," said Dave Hannebrink, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Noosh. "It puts them in control of communications, promotes their brand and makes it easier for their customers to do business with them."

Print suppliers agree: "Noosh Direct will make our salespeople more efficient, and provide them with more time to do what they do best  face-to-face calls," said Jerry Hill, director of sales at Citation Press. Dan Schmidt, vice president of Waller Press, added, "These tools enabled by Noosh Direct provide the missing link between Waller and all of our customers."

Noosh Direct will be available for the commercial market in June 2001.