SeeBeyond in the Billabong

U.S. company works with Australian healthcare exchange

Sydney, Australia and Redwood Shores, CA  April 12, 2001  SeeBeyond, a provider of e-business integration (eBI) solutions, has announced the signing of Australia's first online transaction-based B2B solution for the health industry.

THELMA, an Aussie mouthful of an acronym standing for Transactional Health Exchange Linking Multiple Applications, is a wholly owned subsidiary of listed boutique consultancy ICSGlobal Limited. To meet current and future technological demands, THELMA needed an infrastructure to successfully operate a global B2B solution for the healthcare industry. Utilizing SeeBeyond's eBI platform, e*Gate Integrator, THELMA will provide a secure online exchange for hospitals, health insurers, clinicians, consumers and suppliers.

"ICSGlobal chose the e*Gate solution as the basis for its customized THELMA exchange, as it has enabled us to develop upon a secure and proven technology platform to meet the current and future needs of the health industry," said Tim Murray, CEO for ICSGlobal. "It was also important for us to choose a vendor who could provide an integration platform to support high volume transactions in real time."

THELMA's eHealth exchange will provide access to clinical transaction services such as insurance eligibility checking, hospital inpatient claims, simplified billing, outpatient claims, reconciliation, admission and discharge, service requests, contract exchange, purchase orders and diagnostic results. THELMA will utilize e*Gate Integrator for integration with participants' back-office systems. In addition, THELMA will be able to ensure that there are no hidden costs for patients enrolling in the services, as they will now know exactly what they will be charged, prior to any service being provided.

"SeeBeyond is providing ICSGlobal with an industrial-strength engine which enables THELMA to offer our customers a robust electronic trading solution, and facilitates the connectivity between the disparate systems seen by healthcare trading partners," added Murray.

Greg King, business development director for ICSGlobal, said, "THELMA needed to have seamless secure connections to hospitals, health insurers, clinicians, consumers and suppliers. SeeBeyond had the ability to facilitate this in a highly flexible secure platform," confirmed King.