BugsEye Gets a Partner

Requisite adds module for increased content management

Westminster, CO  April 18, 2001  Requisite Technology has announced the availability of the Contract Manager add-on module for the eMerge Content Management system. The module allows catalog administrators to manage contract information, advanced pricing models and catalog items from within a secure staging environment.

The eMerge Content Management system provides suppliers, buyers and marketplaces with a catalog content management system that includes a single point of administration for pricing and contract information, supporting multiple pricing scenarios to meet customers' individual needs, and within a secure staging environment.

"This is an example of our commitment to enabling suppliers to become viable participants in online commerce, yet every organization in the online supply chain realizes real business benefits with the system," said Mike Neal, chief technology officer of Requisite Technology. "Suppliers benefit by bringing to the Web their unique relationships with buyers, thus avoiding commoditization. Buyers have online access to their negotiated pricing models with their suppliers, and marketplaces benefit through increased participation and transactions."

For suppliers, the eMerge Contract Manager offers the ability to export product information with customer-specific pricing models in multiple XML formats to marketplaces and buyers using commerce platforms from Ariba, Commerce One, Oracle, SAP and others. Marketplace customers can assign contract information and pricing models to product data from multiple suppliers within their eMerge systems.

Buying organizations gain the ability to create specific contracts and pricing information for suppliers, and then organize that information in multiple formats for use in a production catalog environment. Buyers also can allow suppliers to self-author contract and pricing information in a hosted environment, providing a single point of administration for content, contracts and pricing.

The eMerge Contract Manager links pricing models to products and services via Requisite's patented BugsEye Finding Engine, a database extract wizard, stock keeping unit (SKU) list or pricing files. Using the eMerge Contract Manager, supplier and buying organizations can merge and export data (such as product information, pricing and contract terms) into a user-specified Extensible Markup Language (XML) format for loading into their production catalog. Product data with price models attached then can be exported into a production environment in multiple XML formats.

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