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Distributed marketplace technology hits the oil field

Houston and Dallas  April 18, 2001  EMK3, which launched in January of this year as the sole marketplace for buying and selling of oil and natural gas production directly from the well-head, yesterday announced its deployment of distributed marketplace technology, a Web-services based solution that allows users the flexibility to set their own level of Internet security and host a portion of the EMK3 marketplace on their own company's Web site. Bill Wittsche, vice president of technology for EMK3, explained, "We allow our customers the flexibility to actually self-host a piece of our marketplace in order to protect their data while still being able to transact across the greater EMK3 marketplace."

EMK3's marketplace technology allows data to reside anywhere, giving customers the flexibility to either host and control their company's data behind their own firewalls or use resources that EMK3 provides. "By creating a next-generation Internet marketplace that has the flexibility to be distributed anywhere, EMK3 is able to address the varying security and privacy needs of its customers," said Wittsche. "Our use of Web-services technology also allows us the ability to integrate our services with other Internet marketplaces, trading exchanges, energy-related services and third-party software."