From Tax Day to Earnings Week

First quarter results are due from several companies

Birmingham, AL  April 18, 2001  Tax Day (I would make the words in red, to symbolize the annual bloodletting, but I don't know how to code for that) has come and gone. And while it's true that to be free from taxes, the average American will have to toil until May 3 before his tax debt for the year is paid (not exactly exhilarating financial news, I know), it's now time for quarterly earnings statements, and there are an upcoming gaggle of them.

Two of the biggest companies in the B2B sector that will be cracking open the ledgers for public review are i2 and Commerce One. i2 will release first quarter 2001 earnings results today, after the close of the stock market. Company management will host a conference call with the financial community at 4 p.m. CDT to discuss the company's results. Commerce One's release will follow, taking place Thursday at 2:00 p.m. PST.

Other earnings news will be forthcoming from online security firm Entrust Technologies,  (announcing results April 24), supply chain execution software creator EXE Technologies (April 25), and content management firm Eprise Corp. (April 25). In a case of the researcher becoming the researchee, Forrester Research will have its turn under the microscope April 24, 2001.