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California company launches collaborative engineering site

San Jose, CA  April 19, 2001  Adept Technology Inc., a manufacturer of flexible automation for the telecommunications, fiber optic and semiconductor industries, today announced the launch of an e-catalog and e-commerce site for Adept SmartModules. The Adept Performance Analyzer, included in the e-catalog, is an online tool that automates the analysis and selection of specific configurations and modules. The collaborative engineering tool will reduce engineering time and expense by providing detailed design life, cost and performance data for specific applications, previously available only with manual calculations.

"Adept's analyzer is the first online tool that allows engineers and designers to identify and select the optimum mechanical configuration, design life and pricing for individual applications," said Joe Campbell, vice president of marketing for Adept Technology. "The Adept Performance Analyzer slashes engineering time up to 75 percent, and gives engineers the ability to quickly validate multiple configurations to improve their system designs."

SmartModules' E-catalog allows customers to select one of 18 primary configurations, controller options and specific module sizes and then review payload capacity and system pricing. For typical, high-volume configurations, the customer can then enter the actual payload, mounting location and start and stop locations for the primary motion. The Performance Analyzer then returns detailed performance data, including cycle time, maximum speed and acceleration, and design life. Engineers can then easily evaluate various cost/work envelope/design life/cycle time scenarios from over 2,500 SmartModules configurations. Once a specific SmartModules configuration has been selected, the system can be ordered online or a request for quote (RFQ) can be generated.