Take a Load Off, Opti

Airborne Express implements OptiManage, Logistics.com's new transport capacity finder

BURLINGTON, MA -- April 23, 2001  We may live in the age of fast information, when faxes just take too long', but it is still a wonder that a package can be dropped off in The-Middle-Of-Nowhere, Alabama at 9pm one evening, and be waiting on the desk of a Silicon Valley dot-commer the next morning. Shipping companies, like Airborne Express, have achieved this kind of speed, but must locate and outsource the shipping space to do it.

Logistics.com, a provider of transportation procurement and management technology, is attempting to facilitate this process with the introduction of OptiManage Capacity Finder.  The new product automates the process of obtaining capacity during surge periods such as month-end, quarter-end and the fourth quarter holiday period by identifying shipments that cannot be moved by a package delivery service's primary transport provider.

Airborne Express, who already has a long-standing relationship with Logistics.com, has already implemented the new software. "Logistics.com's OptiManage Capacity Finder automates the difficult and time-intensive process of obtaining truckload capacity when demand surges," said Joe Hete, president of ABX Air, Inc., the airline subsidiary of Airborne Express.  "This technology is expected to improve communication with our network of transport providers as well as give them visibility to all our unassigned loads, lowering costs and improving our transport provider relationships."

"We are pleased to expand our strong relationship with Airborne Express and announce the availability of OptiManage Capacity Finder, a breakthrough exceptions management technology and a natural addition to our OptiManage solution," said Joe Wagner, senior vice president sales, Logistics.com. "With the introduction of OptiManage Capacity Finder, Logistics.com is continuing to deliver on its commitment to providing leading-edge solutions that enable collaboration between shippers and transport providers for an optimized supply chain."