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German company deploys logistics solution

Princeton, NJ  April 26, 2001  Speech recognition company Voxware Inc., which provides natural-language solutions for industrial applications with a focus on supply chain execution, has announced that Germany-based SIEGWERK Druckfarben GmbH & Co. KG, a European manufacturer of high-quality ink for printing, has selected Voxware's VoiceLogistics solution to deploy in its main facility in Siegburg, Germany. The contract is for a 30-user deployment of a VoiceLogistics application for SIEGWERK's operations in Europe.

The agreement calls for TopSystem Systemhaus GmbH, a leading German systems integrator and Voxware Solutions Provider (VSP), to provide the initial VoiceXML application, and integrate VoiceLogistics with TopSystem's own TopPick RC warehouse management system, which is also being delivered as part of the overall solution. The VoiceLogistics implementation is designed to improve customer service for SIEGWERK and deliver improved accuracy and enhanced productivity, as well as real-time transaction data for operations management and decision support.

"Getting our products to customers all over the world on time is critical to our business," said W. Pollok, director of IT & Organisation and SAP-Koordination of SIEGWERK Druckfarben. "It's not enough for us to have some of the best printing ink products in the world. We have to guarantee just-in-time delivery of those products to our customers. To do that, we have one of the most modern logistics systems in Europe, and now VoiceLogistics is a vital part of that system to help us maintain our commitment of service to our customers," added Pollok.

"This is a great speech application for SIEGWERK, and one that delivers many of the key benefits they are looking for to improve their operations. Voxware's VoiceLogistics solution continues to be a great part of our offering to customers who are looking to improve their logistics operations," said Andreas Finken, vice president of operations at TopSystem.

"SIEGWERK Druckfarben is a leader in their industry and an excellent customer for both Voxware and our partner TopSystem," said Kevin Land, vice president of Global Sales for Voxware. "As we have seen with other customers, VoiceLogistics is allowing companies to deliver superior customer service and satisfaction. We speak a lot about improved order accuracy with VoiceLogistics, but the bottom-line benefits of improved order accuracy translate into improved customer satisfaction.

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