SAQQARA Systems to spark Lincoln Electric B2B e-commerce initiative

SAN JOSE, CA -- May 1, 2001 If you're a manufacturer with $1B in sales and distribution centers in 160 countries, launching an e-commerce initiative is not going to be easy.

But it looks like SAQQARA Systems, a provider of product content software and services for B2B e-commerce, is up for the job. The company recently announced that it has been selected by Lincoln Electric Holdings to implement an e-commerce-enabled catalog solution to automate the exchange of product information between Lincoln Electric and its customers.

Lincoln Electric is a design, development and manufacturer of arc welding products, robotic welding systems, plasma and oxyfuel cutting equipment. The SAQQARA software solution will give Lincoln Electric the ability to create, manage and control distribution of detailed content, while expanding its customer base, increasing sales and lowering costs.

Said Charles E. Mehlman, Vice President of Information Technology, Lincoln Electric, "We needed the best technology on the market. SAQQARA's e-commerce catalog solutions will enable us to proactively meet the needs of our worldwide sales channels by automating distribution of detailed product information per each channel's delivery requirements."

SAQQARA's e-commerce catalog management solutions will become an integral part of the Lincoln Electric e-commerce channel management initiative, leveraging information contained in existing enterprise resource planning ERP and manufacturing systems. SAQQARA ContentWorks and Commerce Suite TM will be employed to meet the needs of Lincoln Electric's global distribution channels.

"Lincoln Electric has a large global presence," said Dave Spenhoff, Vice President, Marketing, SAQQARA Systems, "and SAQQARA's catalog solutions will help them manage that presence more effectively over the Internet through the transformation, management and exchange of detailed product information content."

Spenhoff explained that SAQQARA's solution was conceived, designed and built specifically to give suppliers the ability to create, manage and control their own branding and e-commerce catalog information. "We have strongly advocated that the creation and sale of aggregated catalogs does not benefit the supplier. SAQQARA's ever-widening community of e-commerce companies can attest to that," he said. "Lincoln Electric's selection of SAQQARA validates both our business and technological vision of how e-commerce catalog management is meant to be."