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AMR: Business-process management software keeps companies agile

Boston  May 4, 2001  The market for business-process management (BPM) software will reach $800 million this year as companies work to respond to change, according to a new report from e-business consultancy AMR Research.

Released today, the AMR report, "Adapting to Changes in Business Strategy," concluded that BPM technology increases companies' responsiveness to change and optimizes investments made in enterprise software.

AMR based its conclusions on the results of product reviews of more than 30 companies involved in BPM, as well as interviews with software users and industry veterans.

The report identified BPM as a key technology in a firm's enterprise commerce management (ECM) blueprint, a framework designed to protect and optimize existing technology investments, incorporate technology standards, minimize ongoing costs and fully integrate applications into an effective corporate-wide system. Adhering to the ECM framework allows executives to maximize the return on investment from technology and to create flexible infrastructure to support current and future business ventures with the greatest possible efficiency, AMR concluded.

"Business-process management software allows a company to be more responsive to changes in business strategy by managing business processes without retooling, recoding or replacing underlying enterprise software," said Eric Austvold, research director at AMR Research and author of the report. "Establishing a framework that allows business agility gives companies a unique competitive advantage by facilitating a swift reaction to changing market demands."