Splitting the Content Management Atom

Collego gets atomic on catalogs

Bedford, MA  May 7, 2001  Collego Corp., a provider of catalog and content management software solutions for global business networks, today officially launched its Atomic Catalog.

Atomic Catalog is a Web-based catalog management application designed especially for business managers, and is the first application based on the company's patent-pending Adaptive Taxonomy Management System (AToMS Engine) technology. With Atomic Catalog, business managers can leverage existing product information from multiple sources to more easily create, manage and share custom catalogs with customers and partners globally.

"For today's businesses, the ability to create, maintain and share rich, high-quality catalog content with many different customers and partners around the world is a must-have capability," said Stefan Mehlhorn, Collego CEO. "Collego is leading the way with the only distributed, multi-purpose catalog management solution that delivers the speed, scale and flexibility that leading companies demand with the ease of use and control that business managers require. As a result, companies drive down operations and selling costs, speed time to market and increase revenues."

According to Karen Peterson, research director of Gartner Group's c-commerce practice, "The role of content in collaborative commerce will continue to increase. Content requirements will evolve from static architectures to more flexible distributed models to enable enterprises to provide content to trading partners in different taxonomies."

Mehlhorn adds, "In today's environment where time to market is crucial, IT [information technology] resources are scarce and customers and channels all have different information requirements, using a more traditional catalog solution is like trying to play a game of Twister in a full body cast."

France Telecom, one of the world's largest providers of global telecommunications products and services, has been able to provide its marketplaces and e-procurement customers with a higher level of service while reducing content management time and costs by 50 percent. "France Telecom is extremely happy with Collego's technology and the way in which the software is performing within our environment," said Thomas Lebel, product manager at France Telecom. "Atomic Catalog's ability to integrate with other software products, multilingual capabilities, and ability to integrate well within our demanding environment shows us that this product will yield strong benefits to our customers and provide them with an extremely flexible, economic solution."