Re-Inventa Your Supply Chain

B2B systems integrator looks to big picture with new software suite

Redwood Shores, CA  May 8, 2001  e-Business integrator Inventa announced this week the availability of a suite of applications designed to provide a single platform for integrating a company with its customers and trading partners.

Inventa's new offering, dubbed Value Net Integration Suite, brings together "point solutions" that target internal and external integration of partners, suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and end-users, based on consistent architecture, integration frameworks and processes.

The promise of the suite is that it will provide a uniform platform for streamlining a company's participation in a value chain, driving costs lower through increased efficiencies or exposing new revenue opportunities.

Lofty goals indeed, but then Inventa has a history of aiming high. In 2000, the company sponsored a clean-up expedition to Mount Everest that brought down nearly a thousand pounds of garbage left by other, less conscientious expeditions to the world's highest peak.

(Note to Inventa CEO Dave Lavanty: If you guys ever decide to squeeze a similar expedition into your marketing budget, don't forget the importance of onsite reporting. Press junket, anyone?)

The company, founded in 1993 as an independent consulting company, has focused on B2B since 1996, has a background in the analysis, design and implementation of complex business processes and architectures, supply chain solutions and digital strategies.

According to Guy Tumbleson, Inventa's integration practice manager, with its new suite the company is attempting to unify the applications that it has used to address "specific and narrow supply chain problems" within a single platform. "Companies are realizing that they need to have a common foundation for these point solutions as part of their overall integration strategy and architecture," Tumbleson said.

CEO and President Dave Lavanty added: "Companies are pulling back on investing solely in point solutions, and are demanding the big picture. They need to see the complete integration plan. They need to know how each solution fits into it, how to implement each one, what the next steps are, and what the return on investment is."

The first offerings of the suite will address order management and settlement integration, trading partner integration, collaborative demand planning integration, supply planning integration, procurement management and settlement integration, and outsourced logistics integration.

Inventa says it can implement its integration suite in fixed-time (60 to 100 days) at a fixed price.