Netto E3SLIMs Down

Scandinavian company picks U.S. enabler

Atlanta  May 14  First, some clarification. Natto is a thoroughly disquieting fermented, gloppy soybean dish eaten in Japan. Netto is a Scandinavian grocery chain. Whether or not you can snag some natto at Netto, I'm not sure. Why you would want to snag it anywhere is pretty much mind-boggling anyway.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the news. Inventory management and Web-based collaborative solutions company E3 Corp. today announced that international retailer Netto has selected the E3SLIM system to provide automatic replenishment to more than 600 stores located throughout Denmark, the UK, Poland and Germany.

Netto is a part of Dansk Supermarkd A/S, owned by MAERSK and F. Salling A/S. Dansk Supermarkd is the second-largest retail company in Denmark, and in addition to the Netto grocery stores, Dansk Supermarkd also owns Bilka and fotex, two of the largest hypermarket chains in Denmark. Since 1981, when the first Netto store opened in Copenhagen, the chain has built a reputation internationally for low-priced quality goods.

Via a portal in each store, Netto will run a Web-based version of E3SLIM, E3's store-based replenishment system. Although the full international rollout of the E3 implementation is expected to be complete in 2003, the solution is planned to go live at the first Netto store in the fall of 2001.

"E3SLIM will enable us to optimize our total supply chain, thereby increasing our service level to stores and reducing our overall logistics costs," said Kai Bested, director at Netto. "We also anticipate huge benefits for Netto's customers, as E3SLIM further secures the right quantity of goods in each Netto store at the right time."

Andrew Blatherwick, European president at E3 Corp., says, "In the rapidly developing arena of demand chain activities, we view Netto as a strategic customer and fully expect them to utilize E3's vast experience in the food sector to release maximum efficiency from their supply chain."